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[How-To] Install Pop OS 20.04 LTS in VMware Workstation Pro

In this how-to tutorial we will be learning to install Pop OS 20.04 LTS in VMware Workstation Pro.

To get started you will need to follow these simple steps:


Step 1: – First you need to download Pop OS 20.04 LTS iso file and VMware Workstation Pro. Click the link below to download:

Step 2: – After downloading, install VMware Workstation Pro and open it to get this interface:

Step 3: – Click on Create a New Virtual Machine. Select Typical configuration and click Next.

Step 4: – Now click on Browse and select the downloaded iso file of Pop OS.

Step 5: – In Guest Operating System select Linux and Version as Ubuntu.

Step 6: – Give name for your Virtual Machine and click on Next.

Step 7: – Allocate hard disk space for your Virtual Machine. Recommended size is 20 GB.

Step 8: – If you want to customize your hardware configuration like RAM, No. of Processors, Video memory then click on Customize hardware else click Finish to continue with default configuration.

Step 9: – Here we have successfully created our Virtual Machine and now we need to turn it on for installing Pop OS. Click on Power on this virtual machine to start our virtual machine.

Step 10: – Wait for Pop OS to boot and once it is completely booted you will be prompted to install. Select your language and all other stuffs.

Step 11: – Now, select Clean install to install Pop OS with default disk partition. If you want to create custom Partitions click on Custom (Advanced).

Step 12: – Select the Virtual Drive that we created earlier.

Step 13: – If want your drive to be encrypted you can go with Choose Password and encrypt your drive else go with Don’t Encrypt option.

Step 14: – Wait for the installation to finish and click on Restart to complete installation and boot to Pop OS.

Step 15: – Once you are done restarting, you will get a window to select your language, location services and account sign in. You can complete these steps on your own according to your needs.

Step 16: – Now, Choose Full Name and Username for your system and click on Next.

Step 17: – Choose password for your system and click Next.

Step 18: – We are done will all the configurations.

Enjoy your day using this awesome Linux distribution, Pop OS 😊

Pop OS!
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