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[How-To] Run Apps That Don’t Run on Rooted Phones

In this how-to tutorial we will be learning to run all android apps that don’t run on rooted phones.


In the image given below you can see that I am getting a pop up saying “Application will not function for Rooted device.”

Don’t be tensed, we will get the things done in very easy way. To get started you will need to follow these simple steps:


Step 1: – For this tutorial you will need Magisk and Magisk Manager installed. If you have it on your phone you can start from Step 2. Else click on link given below to learn how to install it:

Step 2: – Open Magisk Manager app and go to Settings by clicking on 3-line navigation app drawer.

Step 3: – Search for Magisk Hide and toggle it on. Then, close Magisk Manager app (also clear it from background).

Step 4: – Open Magisk Manager app again and you will find an option of Magisk Hide on tapping navigation drawer icon.

Step 5: – Tap on Magisk Hide option and select your app that you want to run without root.

Now, go to your app and you will be able to run that app even if your phone is rooted.

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