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[How-To] Root any phone using Magisk Manager

In this how-to tutorial we will be learning to root any phone using Magisk and Magisk Manager.


Magisk Manager is simply a magic in itself that help you to alter your system systemless-ly. Magisk gets the job done for you by rooting your android devices. There are two different files. Magisk Manager is .apk file that helps you manage the root whereas Magisk is a .zip file that you must flash using TWRP or other custom recovery to gain root access which is based on phh’s SuperUser. Magisk works systemless-ly and doesn’t modify any of your system partition. You can always get OTA updates without loosing root access. Not only this you can install all others apps that don’t run on rooted phones. In short, the best root solution for your device.


To get started you will need to follow these simple steps:


Step 1: – You need a custom recovery (e.g.:  TWRP) for flashing Magisk. If you have TWRP installed then start from Step 2 else click the link below to learn how to install TWRP:

Step 2: – Download Magisk and Magisk Manager by clicking the link below:

Step 3: – Copy to external SD Card. Reboot your phone to TWRP recovery mode and Swipe to Allow Modifications.

Step 4: – Now, go to Install.

Step 5: – Tap on Select Storage.

Step 6: – Select Micro SD card ( Your external SD Card).

Step 7: – Search for file where you have copied and select it.

Step 8: – Swipe to confirm Flash.

Step 9: – Once the installation is completed, tap on Reboot System.

Step 10: – If you get this message, simply tap on Do Not Install.

Step 11: – Once you are booted to system, search for Magisk Manager .apk file that you downloaded earlier.

Step 12: – If you get this kind of pop-up, tap on Settings.

Step 13: – Toggle on ‘Allow from this Source’ or in your case it may be different. If it is different in your case, search for Unknown Sources and toggle it on.

Step 14: – Click on Install.

Step 15: – Click on Open to open Magisk Manager.

We have successfully installed Magisk and Magisk Manager.

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